How to write an essay
on June 9, 2019

Within this guide, we are going to deal with issues. Specifically, as you may have already discovered by reading the title of the guide, we will now help you by explaining how to write a topical essay. This task is not easy at all, because it requires basic knowledge that spans across different areas, in order to make connections. The current topic is one of the main written tests that is supported in most cases, for any exam or competition. Its importance is comparable to that of the short essay, even if the setting is completely different. Moreover, current issues are a great way to practice writing skills, as they allow you to expand any social problem, deepening it in a very personal way. The most common contemporary understanding of a essay is an idea or a story, which can often be summed up in one word (for example, love, death or betrayal).

How to write an argumentative essay


Here is a beautiful and interesting guide, through which you can be able to learn how and what to do in order to write, in the correct, fluid and also completely effective way, an excellent argumentative text, which will please not only our professors, but maybe even during state exams, even examiners, who will read it.

We immediately begin our guide, completely practical and very understandable, to say that the argumentative essay is, as the word itself suggests, a text around a specific topic, on which the author is about to discuss and above all to demonstrate his thesis, using valid logical reasoning and, if available, data. This thesis can sometimes be corroborated by refuting the antithesis, or the contrary thesis. The main purpose of the argumentative essay is however to convince the reader of the veracity of the thesis presented.

It is a common belief, especially among students, that writing an argumentative topic is a difficult thing, but in reality it is not so, if you follow a precise lineup. Furthermore, an argumentative essay does not claim to be a long text, but rather to be qualitatively valid in its contents. So let’s see how to write an argumentative essay. Good reading, good fun and good luck, in the drafting of an argumentative essay, with the help of this guide.


  • Paper and pen
  • Vocabulary
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How to choose the topic of the argumentative topic

The first step in the drafting of an argumentative topic is first of all to decide the topic to be discussed and to establish one’s own position, favorable or contrary, on a problem to be raised and to be discussed. It is therefore possible to proceed with the drafting of an introduction that describes in a general way the chosen topic and that leads, through a logical thread, to its own thesis.

How to present the thesis in the argumentative topic

At this point it is necessary to continue the essay by exposing its thesis and the arguments in favor of it. In this sense it is important to use information deriving from studies or articles already published that allow it to be supported. For example, if the argument is technology and the thesis in favor of it is that “Using social networks harms interpersonal relationships in real life”, it is necessary to expose the arguments to support it, possibly using studies, articles and / or data demonstrating its reliability.

How to create the antithesis of the argumentative essay

After having presented the arguments in favor of his own thesis, we move on to the antithesis, or rather to the exposition of what is the argument against his own thesis. In this case, in order to maintain its position in favor of the initial thesis, it is necessary to refute the contrary arguments, showing their unreliability. Taking the example again, if there are arguments that indicate that the use of social networks favors interpersonal relationships, but do not share this claim, it is necessary to demonstrate the contrary effectively. In conclusion, we reiterate our thesis in a synthetic way, touching on the key points.

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