How to write a science fiction essay
on June 8, 2019


Science fiction belongs to the narrative section. Recently, his forerunners are comics. From the imagination of the authors, extraordinary characters are born, protagonists of incredible stories. The first such magazine dates back to 1926, Amazing Stories. As the word itself suggests, it is a mix of fantasy and science. A story of this type, in fact, includes a scientific factor (real or not) and fantastic elements (characters, epochs and places of invention). To write a science fiction essay, you will have to appeal to your fantasy. Reading novels of the same genre, will open drawers of your mind so far never explored. Whether it’s a contest, hobby or class assignment, here’s how to write a good text.


  • Clear ideas
  • A ladder with setting, characters and plot
  • A winning idea

The plot

To write a science fiction essay, take all the necessary time and rearrange the ideas. Develop your story, with a precise logical connection. Reading should capture the reader and sometimes create suspense. When writing your science fiction story, start from scratch. It independently processes the environment and establish a reference time. Describe the place with fantastic elements and details. Usually, the settings are in space. But you will also be able to describe an unexplored island, rich in exotic animals and plants whose size is out of the ordinary. In a science fiction essay you can give free rein to your creativity. For the time, you prefer the present in a parallel world, the future or a journey through time.


The science fiction story must have a strong adventurous basis, to arouse the reader’s interest. To write a good essay, focus not only on the plot but also on the characters. Describe your protagonists (good and bad) in detail. Focus on their physical characteristics and role in the science fiction story. Usually, the main characters are aliens and robots. However, history shows that King Kong and Frankeinstein also belong to the genus. To write a good science fiction essay, the protagonists do not necessarily have to show off paranormal powers. However, you have to somehow connect them with the scientific element.

The composition

Once the ladder is established, with clear ideas, you can write your science fiction essay. Create an interesting introduction that captures the reader’s attention. Just mention the subject, intrigue those on the other side. Don’t take anything for granted in the body of the topic. Stirs up suspense and creates unexpected events, twists and turns. Then enter, a noteworthy ending. So re-read your science fiction essay and present it to those in charge. To perfect your technique read important authors of the genre such as: Stephen King, Roberto Vacca, John C. Wright, Philip K. Dick and many others.

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