How to write a historical essay
on June 7, 2019


How many times in school will you have tried to write a historical essay and to often panic completely. Talking about such important issues and historical events surely requires a great deal of preparation and quite complex in-depth analyzes that must be understood and studied.

Writing an elaborate historical text is a very difficult task for several reasons, one of which is the ability to contextualize the character in question or the historical period of which one wants to speak. In the steps of this guide you will find tips and advice on how to write a historical essay.


Preparation, study.

Read the title carefully

First, read the title carefully, as a good and careful reading is a guarantee not to go off track or not to be rhetorical and trivial. In the title there is the solution to your problems. Organize the work based on the time available, dedicating more than 2/3 to the drafting of the paper and the remaining time, dedicate it to re-reading, correction and copying.

This allows greater concentration on the subject and also allows for the security of a time margin for the review.

Identify significant examples

Prepare a detailed outline and always remember that the preparation of a ladder can sometimes seem superfluous and useless, but it is not a waste of time. Each essay or historical essay must be convincing and needs to introduce the subject in a paragraph from the beginning, to summarize what is being said and to guide the subject to the reader. Perform a careful reading and take exactly the focus of what you want to express. Identify two or three significant examples for greater support and for a more detailed explanation of the topic in question (very often with examples you can be much more explicit and more direct).

Avoid expressing excessive judgments or comments

Write the introduction, directing the reader to reading, so as not to distract him from the main essay. Examine secondary and primary sources and take notes from any source of information regarding the topic. Conclude the essay with a historical analysis of the events, trying to be as impartial as possible, avoiding expressing excessive judgments or comments, unless they are explicitly requested in the track. In this part of the essay it is also advisable to cite the principal historians who have dealt with the subject and use them as hooks to express their own personal judgment.

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